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Mackensi Emory - Open Hand Form

Mackensi Emory - Open Hand Form

Mackensi Emory - Open Hand Form



Hyper Pro Mackensi Emory teaches you what it takes to become a martial arts champion and shows you important tips for executing today’s most exciting martial arts techniques.

Training DVD Includes:

Kickin' It

Kick back with Mackensi as she tells you her secrets to training, competitions and having fun.

Training Sessions

Learn these kicks and combinations:

  • Lean Away Front Kick
  • Jump Split Kick
  • Reverse Hook Kick
  • Triple Kick
  • Backside 900
  • Side Swipe Kick
  • Triple Kick, Autobahn, Gainer
  • Backside 900, Hook, Side Swipe
  • Hook Kick, Side Swipe, Double Leg

Hyper Open Hand Form

Mackensi’s Open Hand Form was uniquely created with the very best techniques and modern tricks to give you a winning advantage over your competition. Each section is broken down step by step so you can easily follow along.