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Chloe Bruce – Bo Staff Form

Chloe Bruce – Bo Staff Form

Chloe Bruce – Bo Staff Form



Hyper Pro Chloe Bruce teaches you what it takes to become a martial arts champion and shows you important tips for executing today’s most exciting martial arts techniques.

Training DVD Includes

Kickin’ It

Kick back with Chloe as she tells you her secrets to training, competition and having fun.

Training Sessions

Learn these kicks and combinations:

  • Round Kick
  • Side Kick
  • Front Kick
  • Shuffle Axe Kick
  • Hook Round Kick
  • Overhead Kick
  • 4 Kick 1-leg Combos
  • Hook Overhead Aerial
  • Scorpion Kick
  • Pullover Kick
  • 360 Leg Kick
  • 8 Kick 1-Leg Kick
  • 8 Kick 1-leg Pro Combo
  • 360 Leg Spin Aerial
  • Scorpion Pullover

Hyper Bo Staff Form

Chloe Bruce’s Bo Staff Form was uniquely created with the very best strikes and modern tricks to give you a winning advantage over your competition. Each section is broken down step by step so you can easily follow along