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Chelsey Nash Hyper Pro Fight Combinations #1

Chelsey Nash Hyper Pro Fight Combinations #1

Chelsey Nash Hyper Pro Fight Combinations #1



Sparring Combinations

Learn the best combinations and drills Hyper Pro Fight Trainer Chelsey Nash uses to win competitions and train students. These are her very best sport fighting combinations, drills and strategies. Follow along with Chelsey as she shows you each combination and gives you the insights and philosophies to do the techniques properly and win.


Chelsey Nash gives you her top training drills to help you get better at each pro combination. This video is easy to follow and designed to help you become a better fighter - plus win in the ring.

Kickin It

Kick back with Chelsey as she gives you insights to her training, competitions and what motivates her.

You Get Chelsey Nash’s

  • Best Sport Fighting Combinations
  • Best Sparring Drills & Strategies

DVD #1 Includes Pro Combinations & Drills for:

  • Footwork to a Blitz, Backfist Reverse Punch, Reverse Punch Backfist,
  • Footwork - 90 Degree Angles, Footwork - 45 Degree Angles, Ridge Hand
  • Universal Chambers, Eliminate The Step Up, Offensive Side Kick
  • Axe Kick, Roundhouse Reverse Punch, Sidekick Backfist, Counter Reverse Punch

Bonus Videos Included

  • Warm Up & Stretch Routine + Combat Sprint Challenge
  • Hyper Fight Club Highlight Reels
  • Hyper Bully Defense Highlight Reels