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Hyper Bully Defense Training Kit

Hyper Bully Defense Training Kit

Hyper Bully Defense Training Kit



Hyper Bully Defense Family Kit

Stop Bullying Before It Starts - End It Before It Hurts!

A Special 3-DVD Kit to Help End Bullying Now
This 3-DVD set teaches you how to protect yourself and family from the
most common Social, Verbal, Cyber & Physical Attacks.

Follow along with a group of students and trainers in 2 Interactive Bully Defense Seminars.
- Learn the 7-most common techniques to protect yourself from physical attackers.
- Learn how to overcome Bullies who try to make fun of you and exclude you.
- Improve Respect for yourself and others.
- Learn fun kickboxing techniques to improve speed, power, coordination and strength.
A Fun, Interactive & Inspiring Experience for the Entire Family

Hyper Bully Defense Kit Includes
- 3 Training DVD’s :: Over 2 1/2 Hours of Bully Defense Training
- Bully Defense Notebook
- Top Parent Tips Booklet
- 10 Ways to End Bullying
- Student Checklist for Success
- Bully Defense Workshop Passes
$179 Value – Now Only $49!

Over 100,000 Participants
Over 100,000 families have taken this course! Now you can do it at home at your convenience and practice the workshops anytime with your entire family.